Every Student's Handbook on Values, Sexuality and Drug by Ikechukwu Odumodu

By Ikechukwu Odumodu


This ebook is an instructional, educational and self-help handbook worthwhile to kids coming of age in a society that's speedily devolving right into a unusual and sinister New global Order. It indicators readers to the upcoming overall cave in of values and sexual morality, and redefines a few deceptive center recommendations which many almost immediately carry as truth.

It is unequivocal on concerns resembling the predicament of homosexuality, the invasion of the gaylien race, the non secular cult conflict raging below the banner of the rainbow and the slogan ‘diversity’, and gives self-help guidance for the homosexually challenged. such a lot safely, it concludes with details on existence talents crucial for escaping the rabid immorality advancing around the countries of the realm today.


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